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2018.03.26 05:58

HIFF Spring Showcase includes 4 Korean films

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Tickets are on sale for the 21st HIFF Spring Showcase presented by Halekulani, which runs April 6-15 at Dole Cannery Stadium 18. There are 33 films from 11 countries, including four titles from South Korea:

>> “1987: When the Day Comes” is based on the true story of how a student’s death by torture became a catalyst for the overthrow of military dictatorship in South Korea. Kim Yoon-seok stars as a rabid anti-Communist official and Ha Jung-woo is the prosecutor who refused to help the coverup. (April 7 and 10)

>> “The Fortress” dramatizes the 17th-century Qing invasion, which forces the Korean court to take shelter in the Namhan Fortress in treacherous mountains outside the capital city. As the cold and hunger set in, the king must choose between humiliating himself to protect his subjects and fighting to the death for a greater cause. (April 8 and 12)

>> “The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow” is a quirky 2014 animated film from director Hyung-yun Chang that “explores the importance of connection as we face life’s variety of challenges.” The surreal plot involves “a rejected musician who suddenly becomes a cow. His plaintive song lures a nonworking satellite down to earth and an enchanted roll of toilet paper accidentally turns the satellite into a rocket girl, and together the three friends try to set things right.” (April 8 and 14)

>> “Little Forest,” a remake of the beloved Japanese manga, is “a love letter to slow cooking and Korean cuisine.” The movie takes audiences through four seasons of food and harvest with the young Hye-won (Kim Tae-ri, “The Handmaiden”), who escaped city life to move to the countryside to live off the land. (April 14 and 15)

Visit hiff.org for movie times and tickets.

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