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Film reaches milestone of 10 million tickets sold

by kbfd posted Jan 19, 2015


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Yunjin Kim's ("Lost") latest movie, "Ode to My Father," hit the 10 million ticket-sale mark. The film, a modern historical film taking place from the end of the Korean War to the 1980s, is the 14th Korean film to achieve the 10 million milestone. The film touches the hearts of older generations who have undergone the hardships of rebuilding South Korea to what it is today. "Ode to My Father" pays homage to companies such as Hyun­dai, fashion designer Andre Kim, multiple-title wrestling winner Lee Man Ki and singers of the time.

The Korean title literally means International Market, a real-life market in Busan which has now become one of the must-see tourist sites. The film is showing at Pearlridge Consolidated Theatres.