Jeff Chung

Sweet, buttery potato chip has South Korea in a frenzy

by kbfd posted Jan 05, 2015


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South Koreans are buzzing over the latest Haitai snack, Honey Butter Chip. The product is selling at just over $2, but costs double online because of its difficulty to find.

Honey Butter Chip is making nearly $3 million in sales a week in South Korea. The treat has won the hearts of celebrities in Korea. People on social media have added fuel to the frenzy. Many convenience stores are limiting purchases to one bag per person. 

The potato chip is supposed to be sweet like honey and uses French gourmet butter. More likely than not, stores are sold out or sell out immediately after the shelves are stocked. 

We may even see Organic Honey Butter Chip or Honey Butter Garlic Butter Chip in the near future as an offshoot of the original hit. If I had a choice, it would be Taro Honey Butter Chip!