|  현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

Wed. & Thur. 7:45PM / Re-airs Thur. & Fri. 2:15PM

Starring: Kim Hyang-Gi, Kim Sae-Ron, Jang Young-Nam

Jong-Boon (Kim Hyang-Gi) and Young-Ae (Kim Sae-Ron) live in the same Korean village, but they come from totally different backgrounds.

Jong-Boon's family is poor, but she is a bright and brave girl. Young-Ae's family is wealthy and she is smart.

One night, Jong-Boon is kidnapped and thrown onto a train. She sees Young-Ae on the same train.

Young-Ae volunteered to join a student work group, but she was deceived.

She believed if she joined the student work group, she would go to Japan to study.

Jong-Boon and Young-Ae are now on the same train, but they don't know where they are headed.

Soon, they face the horrific reality of "comfort women."


현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

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