|  현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

Wed. & Thur. 7:45PM / Re-airs Thur. & Fri. 2:15PM

Starring: Park Eun-Bin, Yeon Woo-Jin, Dong Ha, Na Hae-Ryung, Heo Joon-Seok

Judge Lee Jung-Joo (Park Eun-Bin) presides at the Seoul District Court.

She sometimes swears at shameless defendants with unspeakable words.

Judge Sa Ui-Hyun (Yeon Woo-Jin) is assigned to the judgement bench with Judge Lee Jung-Joo.

Sa Ui-Hyun is well known for his excellent use of the law and his conscience to reach verdicts.

Lee Jung-Joo fights against a huge power who framed her older brother for murder and killed him.


현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

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