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In May, the Voice of Korea was established in Honolulu, Hawaii for the purpose of commercial and radio broadcasting.
On television, one hour per week on KIKU-TV, Channel 13, was devoted to Korean language programming from KBS and locally produced segments of news and information.
Radio broadcasts were on KOHO Radio, 1170 AM, Sundays, for a period of two hours.  Programs were furnished by KBS to augment locally produced news and information.




Television broadcasts were increased to four hour weekly on KIKU-TV.  KBS dramas were introduced, in addition to local news and information.




Contracted with Oceanic Cable, Channel 17, for three hours of daily cablecasts. A variety of KBS programs were used, in addition to locally produced news and information.




The Allen Broadcasting corp. was incorporated for the purpose of expanding commercial television broadcasting.




In March, The Allen Broadcasting Corp. leased four hours daily on UHF Channel 14, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  The full range of KBS programs and locally produced news and information programs were broadcast.
Mr. Chung applies for and was granted a Federal Communications Commission license to build and operate KBFD-TV, Channel 32.




On March 24, KBFD-TV, Channel 32, began operations as the only locally owned television station in Hawaii.  Cable companies refused to carry KBFD-TV and Honolulu's Korean community supports and petitions Oceanic and McCaw Cable to provide carriage.




On January 30, following a period of equipment tests as required by FCC, KBFD-TV was authorized to commence full power broadcasts with unlimited hours of operations by the FCC.
Oceanic Cable and McCaw Cablevision are mandated by the FCC to carry the signal of KBFD-TV under the new "must carry" rule passed by Congress.
SMS Research is commissioned by Mr. Chung to conduct market research and feasibility studies for the new Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) project.




In July, KBS and Korean government grant their approval to The Asia Network to distribute Korean programs via DBS in North America.
In response to other non-Korean speaking viewers, KBFD-TV began English subtitling of 20% of its dramatic programs.




The Asia Network, a Direct Broadcast Satellite program distribution system to serve the Continental U.S., Canada and parts of Mexico began operations on September 17, the very same day that South Korea became a member of the United Nations.




In February, The Asia Network began 3 hours of daily broadcasts via KU Band Satellite SBS-6 to North America.




The Asia Network begins 3 1/2 hours of daily broadcasts on KU Band Satellite Galaxy 7, a higher powered satellite.
The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation's program supply agreement with KBFD-TV is approved by MBC and the government of the Republic of Korea.




The Asia Network is authorized to broadcast Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) programs via DBS.




The Asia Network receives authorization from MBC to broadcast their programs via DBS.








KBFD의 전신 “하와이 한국어 소리방송(Voice of Korea)” 타 방송국의 방송시간 임대하여 첫 방송시작




KBFD 첫 TV송출 시작. 호출부호 KBFD, 미국 연방통신위원회(FCC)로부터 TV방송면허 취득




해외 최초로 한국 드라마 영어자막 방송(자체 번역제작)




TAN 위성방송국 개국




KBS World 하와이지역 방송실시(KBFD2채널)




미주 최초의 한국어 VOD 서비스 채널 KLIFE 방송 실시

Arirang 방송시작 (KBFD DT 32.2채널)

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