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Episodes 33 & 34; 35 & 36 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Two years later and In Joon is released from prison. In Joon pledges to take revenge on the Tae family, while giving cold shoulder to He Ra. He receives a call that bolsters up his determination for revenge. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: In Joon is appalled to face the truth of it all. In Joon’s mother forsakes even her daughter, Jung Min, to solidify Jung Ho's future. He Ra takes this opportunity to bring down Jung Ho and his mother.

Episodes 29 & 30; 31 & 32 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Sun Young finds a piece of key evidence that links Jung Ho to Hyun Joo. Sun Young falls victim to a tragic accident. In Joon is on the verge of losing everything because of his love for He Ra. Manipulated by Sung Sook, He Ra falls into Sung Sook’s evil schemes. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: In Joon's involvement in Hyun Joo's demise is revealed. Jung Ho and Sung Sook try to obtain all of the power In Joon has left. He Ra's shocking discovery of the truth behind her sister’s demise, throws He Ra into a whirlwind of guilt. Another battle begins for He Ra. In Joon is tried for a crime.

Episodes 25 & 26; 27 & 28(Sun)  



Today, 6:45p.m.: The truth about Hyun Joo's death slowly unveils itself. Faced with new information, He Ra pledges to once again, take revenge against the person who put her sister in that state. Soo Hyun sees s shocking letter at Tae Oh's house and confronts him about it. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Soo Hyun plants doubts into In Joon's heart about He Ra's real intentions. He Ra's suspicion toward In Joon grows even stronger.

Episodes 21 & 22; 23& 24 (Sun)  



Today, 6:45p.m.: After searching deeper into her sister's death, He Ra finds clues, pointing to In Joon as a suspect. Her suspicion towards In Joon grows deeper. He Ra pledges to take revenge for her sister. In Joon asks He Ra if she would want him even without his wealth and status. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Jung Ho and his mother, Jung Min, scheme to take over the company at the chairman's expense. At the brink of her rage and fury, Soo Hyun seeks out Tae Oh, and tempts him with a dangerous proposition.

Episodes 17 & 18; 19 & 20 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Soo Hyun forewarns In Joon that she will never give up on him and that he will always live longing for He Ra. In Joon's father threatens Soo Hyun's father for stabbing him in the back. In Joon comes clean, confronting his feelings for He Ra. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: He Ra tells Tae Oh to move on to destroying Soo Hyun. He Ra suggests using Jenny to get to Soo Hyun, if they must. In Joon puts everything on the table for He Ra. Soo Hyun proceeds with the wedding plans. Soo Hyun's motherly instinct kicks in when she finds out her mother’s despicable plan.

Episodes 13 & 14; 15 & 16 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: He Ra tries to stop In Joon from marrying Soo Hyun. In Joon's retaliation towards his father only creates obstacles at the company. Tae Oh demands Soo Hyun's kidney for Jenny. He Ra digs into Soo Hyun's past and finds the truth about her relationship to Tae Oh. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Despite the warning signs In Joon starts for fall for He Ra. Bits and pieces of information lead He Ra to the truth. He Ra's finding puts her in equal footing with Tae Oh. Revealing Jenny's existence puts He Ra in danger.

Episodes 9 & 10; 11 & 12 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Chairman Tae urges In Joon to hasten his marriage with Soo Hyun. In order to quietly get rid of He Ra, Soo Hyun reveals a photo taken of He Ra and Tae Oh. In Joon announces his marriage to Soo Hyun, much to her surprise. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: During an interview, Soo Hyun becomes uncomfortable and storms out when asked questions about her marriage to Tae In Joon. Tae Oh and He Ra meet with In Joon and Soo Hyun, to discuss their relationship to each other. Soo Hyun and In Joon go wedding dress shopping together.

Episodes 5 & 6; 7 & 8 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Tae Oh tells He Ra that if she helps him steal In Joon’s heart, he would take care of her sister’s hospital bills. Soo Hyun confronts He Ra, telling her to make her first day at Gold Shoes, her last. In Joon tells Soo Hyun not to interfere with company matters, as she is just a model and an outsider. Soo Hyun lands a position as art director of the company. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: In Joon contemplates if he should really marry Soo Hyun. Suk Jin tells In Joon about the possible consequences the company would face if their marriage falls through.

Episodes 1 & 2; 3 & 4 (Sun) 


Today, 6:45p.m.: Koo He Ra is talented, hard-working, but forced to engage in the counterfeit shoe making business after inheriting her father’s shoe business. Tae In Joon is the legitimate son of Gold Group, and has a passion for shoes, inherited by his late mother. He Ra meets Tae In Joon during a business meeting and helps him get a contract that he almost failed to grab ahold of. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: He Ra meets Jin Tae Oh, when he comes in to her workshop, wearing a pair of shoes made by her father. Tae Oh invites her out for a drink. Cha Soo Hyun, In Joon’s appointed fiancée, confronts He Ra with hostility, after a misunderstanding between In Joon and He Ra. Tae Oh makes He Ra a proposition to move up the ladder.

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