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Episodes 25 & 26


Today, 6:30p.m.: The king is caught off guard and runs, as Gildong's father and his men charge into the palace. Gildong is reunited with his sister. Junghak discovers Gilhyun's true identity. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: The king orders the killing of all Hyangjumok’s citizens. Gildong and his men go up against several hundred soldiers of the king's army to defend the people. Ga-ryong attempts to kill the king while he's asleep.

Episodes 23 & 24


Today, 6:30p.m.: "Thief Hong Is Dead." The enraged Ga-ryong enters the palace as a gisaeng to avenge Gildong's death. The King's tyrannical ways knows no bounds. While taking refuge in a deep mountain, Gildong makes a decisive action. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: The King is to rule with suppression of his people. Seeing this, Gildong and Gilhyun lead people to confront the tyrannical king. Garyong enters the King's bed chamber. Noksu schemes to have Okran eliminated.

Episodes 21 & 22


Today, 6:30p.m.: The King holds a hunt, inviting all citizens. The hunting target is none other than Gildong. Gildong faces off hunters while poison spreads throughout his body. His last opponent is Mori. The King is shocked at hearing of his mother's last letter. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: The royal court is to face their bloodiest period. The King investigates all those involved in his mother's death, leading to brutal deaths. Gildong becomes a prey for the King's hunting games. Noksu performs an elaborate drum dance at a grand royal feast.

Episodes 19 & 20


Today, 6:30p.m.: Words spread that the Hong gang steal from the rich to give to the poor. They are cornered by the royal constables led by Junghak. Gildong duels out with the invading Jurchens. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Gilhyun is entrusted with the capture of thief Hong. Gildong is surrounded by constables led by Gilhyun. Gildong's men are scattered with Um Jachi being captures.

Episodes 17 & 18


Today, 6:30p.m.: Gildong and his men are righteous thieves, giving back to the poor. Park Ha-sung makes a connection about his friend. Gildong invites the King to Hwalbinjung. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Lady Park, Prince Chungwon, and Soohak gather to bring Gildong down. Upon learning Prince Chungwon has killed his sister, Gildong strikes down Prince Chungwon, not knowing it is a trap to catch him. He's put in a precarious situation where all are out to capture him.

Episodes 15 & 16


Today, 6:30p.m.: Soburi's mistaken blubber causes Gildong to face Eunuch Jawon. Gildong ends up facing off a bunch of the town's hoodlums. Prince Chungwon meets Song Do-hwan and schemes to escape from his exile. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Prince Choongwon returns to the capital in four years, as quite a different man. Gildong is enraged to hear rumors of Ga-ryong in a relationship with another man. Ga-ryong finally confesses her feelings.

Episodes 13 & 14


Today, 6:30p.m.: Prince Chungwon is summoned to the royal court. He calls on a witness to prove his innocence, but that very witness is Gildong. Meanwhile, Gilhyun searches Prince Chungwon's residence. Amogae takes Gildong to Geum-ok's gravesite. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Amogae and Gildong head for Geum-ok's gravesite. Heo Taehak's men attack Gildong, making him furious. Noksu asks the King to see someone.

Episodes 11 & 12


Today, 6:30p.m.: Just as Amogae captured Lord Cho, Gildong opens up Hwalbinjung to lure Prince Chungwon. Gildong approaches Prince Chungwon as he holds a grand feast, and spreads negative rumors for the King's ears. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: The King is enraged at hearing his father's evil endeavors from Noksu. Royal historian Gilhyun discovers a record questioning King Sejo's legitimacy, leading to bloodshed in court. Gildong uses this opportunity against Prince Chungwon.

Episodes 9 & 10


Today, 6:30p.m.: Gildong's fight against his father's foes is set into motion. Ga-ryong infiltrates Lord Huh's house as a servant. Gildong's men and Heo Taehak's men face off in a duel. Gong-hwa earnestly tries to win the King's heart. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Gildong disguises himself as a carrier and approaches Prince Chungwon. The King's wish to hold an ancestral ritual is faced with opposition from lords and scholars. The King feels dispirited when Gong Hwa puts on an impressive dance performance.

Episodes 7 & 8


Today, 6:30p.m.: While trying to save his sister, Gildong gets hurt and loses his memory. Gildong stays at Danae-ok and becomes close with Noksu, and open their hearts to each other. Yonsan makes a shocking confession to King Sung-jong on his deathbed.

Today, 7:45p.m.: Gildong sets out to find his sister. Gong-hwa follows her ambition to the palace, where the King is. Gildong only finds Ga-ryong waiting for him at Daeaeok. As Gildong regains his memory, he assembles his father's men to go up against Prince Chungwon.

Episodes 5 & 6


Today, 6:30p.m.: 12 years have passed, and Gildong roams the Korean peninsula selling women's goods. Meanwhile, Amogae has risen as a man with power in Ikhwari. Amogae faces off with Heo Taehak, a slave trader. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Amogae is framed for a murder and imprisoned. Prince Chungwon discovers Amogae's past as a slave. Gildong is pursued by Heo Taehak's men.

Episodes 3 & 4


Today, 6:30p.m.: Outraged at Geum-ok's death, Amogae kills Lord Cho and is imprisoned. Gildong and Gilhyun try to find witnesses who will testify for Amogae. Gildong is sent on an errand by Lady Cho and heads for a mountain, where tigers are known to appear. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Upon being released from prison, Amogae settles at Ikhwari and starts illegal smuggling business with Ming. He runs into pirates in sea and calls on Um Jachi to Ikhwari.

Episodes 1 & 2


Today, 6:30p.m.: Amogae realizes his son, Gildong, is the legendary child of super strength. To hide his son's strength, he moves out from his master's residence. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Amogae schemes with government official Uhm to get his ordinary citizenship, buying freedom. Amogae's master Lord Cho, calls on his uncle to take his hidden assets.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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