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Episodes 21 & 22 (Wed); 23 & 24 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Soo Yeon and Tae Soo save a patient in a risky surgery. Soo Yeon makes it known to Hyun Il that she will not forsake Taesan Hospital. Hyun Il makes Seok Han an offer to oversee an operation for a leading presidential candidate. 

Thursday 7:45p.m: Doctors are faced with the difficult decision of life and death, every day. Soo Yeon and Tae Soo pursue an operation, disregarding Seok Han's order. Seok Han makes a deal with the presidential candidate, when his assistant's life is put on the table. Tae Soo gets suspicious and volunteers to take part in Seok Han’s surgery.

Episodes 17 & 18 (Wed); 19 & 20 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: “A less than hopeful surgery, but one that must get done.” Seok Han and Tae Soo do the very best for their patients, in their own way. Both are faced with surgeries that may put their own positions at risk. Soo Yeon asks Tae Soo to come back to Taesan. Tae Soo agonizes over whether or not to move on, after he receives video footage of Seok Han. 

Thursday 7:45p.m: “Surgeries are for doctors who are competent, so if you aren’t, don’t even dream about it. At least for heart surgeries.” Tae Soo comes back to Taesan with an ulterior motive. He takes over the surgeries from Seok Han. Soo Yeon and Tae Soo engage in highly risky surgeries.

Episodes 13 & 14 (Wed); 15 & 16 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Tae Soo is sent into deep torrent of pain losing the heart he needed for his mother's transplant to Soo Yeon. Seok Han cleverly escapes Hyun Il's scrutiny. Tae Soo desperately screams for a new heart, when his mother's condition for worse. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m: To choose between a case with little hope or a patient that's facing him? Seok Han would have chosen the latter before, but his ways at the hospital has changed now.

Episodes 9-10 & Episodes 11-12

7:45 p.m. Wednesday

Seok Han faces a dilemma about a surgery after the patient claims to know the truth about his daughter’s death. Will he uphold his oath as a doctor to save the patient or use this opportunity to take revenge?

7:45 p.m. Thursday

Tae Soo rushes to the hospital upon hearing about a possible donor for his mother after a car accident victim arrives at the hospital. The chief and his brother feud over power at Taesan Hospital.

Episodes 5 & 6 (Wed); 7 & 8 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.:  Tae Soo is faced with choosing between his mother, who will die if he doesn't act on it, and a patient who's waiting for his surgery.

Seok Han was faced with the same predicament before and he's lost someone dear. With Soo Yeon's appearance, a conflict long overdue between them surfaces.

Thursday 7:45p.m : A patient he staked his future to save turns out to be a family of doctor whose life he ruined from whistle blowing.  Dr. Hwang, who shows up as the patient's guardian, finds out Tae Soo used industrial adhesive to seal the heart.

Episodes 1-2

7:45 p.m. Wednesday

A heart surgeon, Park Tae Soo, is put in a compromising position when his mother suddenly needs a heart transplant. Things get complicated because he wants to save his mother, but a senior heart surgeon, Professor Choi Seok Han, has complete control over him.

Episodes 3-4

7:45 p.m., Thursday

Tae Soo is on the verge of getting the boot for exposing malpractice. The only chance of saving his mother lies with Dr. Choi, so Tae Soo begs the doctor for help.

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