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Episodes 19 & 20 (Wed); Episodes 21 & 22 (Thur) 


Wednesday 7:45p.m.: Geum Tae Woong works with Joon Soo to make Jung Do Young an assemblyman. Ha Ra finds out about Do Young and Tae Woong's relationship. Geum discovers that a trap has been set by Ha Ra and Do Chan. Do Chan and his gang team up to find Do Young's weakness.

Thursday 7:45p.m.: Ha Ra thanks Do Chan for not betraying her. Do Chan and the team use natural gas to con Geum Tae Woong to find his loot. Geum Tae Woong takes the bait. Ha Ra feels threatened by Geum Tae Woong.

Episodes 15 & 16 (Wed); Episodes 17 & 18 (Thur) 


Wednesday 7:45p.m.: Tae Woong makes his ambitions known, and acts on it. He overthrows Namsan Club's boss, making himself the new head. Do Chan uses Sung Doo to get closer to Tae Woong. 

Thursday 7:45p.m.: Geum Tae Woong pledges his allegiance to the Chief Prosecutor. Ha Ra seeks out Do Chan's help. A heist is scheduled at the gallery. Ha Ra warns Joon Soo to look out for himself. She wishes Joon Soo would come back to his old self.

Episodes 11 & 12 (Wed); Episodes 13 & 14 (Thur) 


Wednesday 7:45p.m.: Do Chan and Ha Ra discover Grizzly's hideout. Ha Ra is ready to book Grizzly, but Do Chan is suspicious of his identity. Ha Ra, in drunken state, professes her attraction for Do Chan and Joon Soo. There are schemes from all ends. Orders are given to move illegal cartons to another location. 

Thursday 7:45p.m.: Do Chan is convinced that Hwang is not the real Grizzly. He follows his intuition as to who the real Grizzly is. Ha Ra watches anxiously as Do Chan goes after his 20-year old personal vendetta against Grizzly. Tae Woong digs into Ha Ra's background.

Episodes 7 & 8 (Wed); Episodes 9 & 10 (Thur) 


Wednesday 7:45p.m.: Prosecutors try to expose that Prosecutor Baek is an imposter. The real Baek Joon Soo is back. Do Chan learns of an illegal drug delivery. They search all diplomats entering the country. The collaboration of a prosecutor and a conman begins. 

Thursday 7:45p.m.: Do Chan and Ha Ra find illegal drugs in the President's procession. They are dispirited by the chief prosecutor's interference. Do Chan and the Switch team use an ingenious con to get close to the Bear. Choi states that he was under the President's order.

Episodes 3 & 4 (Wed); Episodes 5 & 6 (Thur)  


Wednesday 7:45p.m.: When Joon Soo’s recovery is delayed, Ha Ra negotiates with Do Chan to have him fill in as Joon Soo, his doppelganger. With no knowledge of Joon Soo's personality or anything, Do Chan is like a walking bomb. Even so, he finds his way into the job of a prosecutor, ready to tackle crimes head on with the Switch team. 

Thursday 7:45p.m.: Do Chan and Joon Soo escape their colleagues' suspicions. They find out Red Bear is the head of the drug ring they are after. They go after Red Bear with increased motivation.

Episodes 1 & 2 (Thur)


Thursday 7:45p.m.: A story of a brilliant swindler turned prosecutor, who solves crimes using legal and street smarts. Small-time con artists are in prison, but big scale con artists are at the penthouses. Con artist, Sa Do-chan, and his cronies set out to get the big fish who live in penthouses.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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