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Episodes 36 & 37


Today, 6:30p.m.: Mipoong asks Jango for a divorce. Jango looks at her in disbelief and chides her. With resolve, she declares that it must end now. Jango tells her that's one thing he can't oblige.  

Today, 7:45p.m.: Mipoong places an ad and receives a call. She's shocked to hear that the caller knows Grandma Soonok. Youngae hears the conversation and she's just as shocked. Mipoong and Youngae can't contain themselves with the call.

Episodes 34 & 35


Today, 6:30p.m.: Dalho tells Deokcheon he can no longer tolerate living with Cheongja. Cheongjae barges in on Young-ae. As Shinae watches Yujin sing to the family, she promises to protect her, at all costs. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae sets a trap for Mipoong. Mipoong ends up being investigated for stealing company information. Jango is taken off the case due to conflict of interest, as he’s her husband. Young-ae gets busy packing when Yoosung hands her a ring.

Episodes 32 & 33


Today, 6:30p.m.: Shinae arrives at the orphanage. She sees Deokcheon and Heedong saying goodbye to the director as they get in the car with Yoojin. Shinae's shocked beyond belief, and wonders how Deokcheon and Yoojin are together. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae tries to put the ring back in Deokcheon's room. She doesn't see the ring with the Chinese character, and asks Yoojin who's followed her. Frightened, he admits that he gave it to Yoosung. At hearing this, Shinae nearly collapses and screams at him.

Episodes 30 & 31


Today, 6:30p.m.: Dalho gets closer to Youngae. Dallae sees Mipoong making winter kimchi and realizes Keumshil's behind it. She reprimands Keumshil. Mipoong falls for a trap set by someone. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Keumshil witnesses Youngae and Dalho entering a theatre together. She tells Cheongja. Cheongja takes it out on Youngae. Jangsoo and Jango try to bring peace between Mipoong and Heera, only to make things worse.

Episodes 28 & 29


Today, 6:30p.m.: Shinae decides to start working at the company. Shinae introduces herself to Mipoong's colleague, as Mipoong looks at her in bewilderment. Rumors involving Shinae and Winners Group's heir circulate. Shinae is relieved that things are moving along as she planned.

Today, 7:45p.m.: Mipoong and Deokcheon sit down for a dinner.  Deokcheon asks about her family in the North. Deokcheon asks Shinae to leave, so he could talk to Mipoong alone. Shinae, on the other hand, can't stand the two getting closer.

Episodes 26 & 27


Today, 6:30p.m.: Shinae acts the part of Deokcheon's granddaughter. Hayeon asks Jango to go somewhere, and ends up getting engaged to her. But she can't shake Mipoong off his mind. He ends up deciding to marry Mipoong. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Mipoong and Jango are married, but Keumshil refuses to acknowledge it. Cheongja discovers Shinae's true identity and tries to kick her out. Shinae persuades her against it, saying the only way to get rid of her is to pay her off. Shinae is shocked when a child calls her "Mom."

Episodes 24 & 25


Today, 6:30p.m.: Shinae runs off with Youngae's ring, but drops it and ends up in a drain. Jango promises Mipoong to stay with her and make her happy forever. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae pretends to be Seunghee. She pledges to overcome all that awaits her. Mipoong tells Youngae she wants to marry Jango. But Youngae advises against it, saying it'll be difficult and to give it up.

Episodes 22 & 23


Today, 6:30p.m.: Jango tells Mipoong she's the love of his life and asks her to be with him. Keumshil tells Mipoong not to stand in Jango's way and to vacate the house. Cheongja's cruel ways towards Shinae only grows and time passes. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Jango and Mipoong promises each other not to waver. Keumshil senses their pact and screams at Jango, telling him to leave. Heedong hears unexpected news. Cheongja and Kwi-ok are on edge. Shinae cries seemingly with determination.

Episodes 20 & 21


Today, 6:30p.m.: Seeing Mipoong everywhere irks Hayeon. The director relentlessly pursues Mipoong. Jango breaks down in sobs at seeing Mipoong. Shinae is visited by a surprise guest.

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae pledges to herself that she'll hold onto this luxurious life, no matter what. Hayeon and Jango are to be engaged, whereas Mipoong and the director plan their future. Mipoong tells Jango to study abroad, saying that she's okay.

Episodes 18 & 19


Today, 6:30p.m.: Heedong announces he'll marry Shinae. Shinae starts a new chapter in her life. Mipoong is assigned as a director's assistant. Jango is filled with an unexplainable fury, seeing Mipoong and the director together. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Youngae is shocked to find that Heedong's bride is Shinae. Mipoong and Shinae meet again. A rumor of an inappropriate relationship between Mipoong and the director circulates at the company. Jango gets furious and drags Mipoong out when he hears the rumor.

Episodes 16 & 17


Today, 6:30p.m.: Shinae jumps in the water to find her mother's ring. Heedong's desire to protect Shinae only grows. Hayeon asks Mipoong if she has feelings for Jango. Youngae also asks Mipoong if she has feelings for Jango and she answers yes. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: When Heedong tells Cheongja he wants to marry Shinae, Cheongja tells Shinae to break up with Heedong. Jango sees Mipoong with Sungshik, and Mipoong sees Jango with Hayeon

Episodes 14 & 15


Today, 6:30p.m.: When Shinae finds out Cheongja is Heedong's mother, she intentionally approaches him. Cheongja and Keumshil try to break up Heera and Jangsoo. Heedong gets into a brawl with Jangsoo in Heera's presence. Jango stops by Mipoong's office and introduces himself as Mipoong's brother to her colleagues. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Mipoong and Deokcheon run into each other again and they exchange contact information. Hayeon visits Jango's house to meet the family, causing heart ache for Mipoong. Jango bolts upon hearing that Mipoong's gone missing.

Episodes 12 & 13


Today, 6:30p.m.: Realizing Jangsoo is the man Heera's been seeing, Cheongja forbids her from seeing him. But Heera and Jangsoo get engaged at a church, despite Cheongja's disapproval. Jango runs into a friend, Hayeon, and Mipoong is heartbroken at seeing them together.        

Today, 7:45p.m.: The trial ends and Jango and Mipoong spend quality time together. Heera tells Cheongja she wants to marry Jangsoo. Mipoong finds Deokcheon ready to collapse on the street and helps him.

Episodes 10 & 11

Today, 6:30p.m.: Heedong runs into Shinae at a convenience store. He asks her to model for his webtoon. Mipoong tries to shut her heart for Jango, when he introduces her as a sister to his friend.

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae runs at seeing Youngae, but Youngae can't catch her. Mipoong wins a logo competition and Jango congratulates her. Jangsoo heads for Heera's house, declaring that she's the only woman for him.

Episodes 8 & 9


Today, 6:30p.m.: Heera spends the night at Jangsoo's. Cheongja doesn't hesitate to run over to Keumshil's. Cheongja corners Keumshil, saying their friendship is forever over. Confronting her, Keumshil presses her to pay back the 45 grand she loaned to Cheongja. Cheongja wallows in frustration while drinking. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Shinae left Mipoong with an everlasting scar, when she and Mipoong escaped to the South. Will the two ever run into each other again? Nami sees Jango and Mipoong taking a stroll, and senses a romance brewing between them.

Episodes 6 & 7


Today, 6:30p.m.: Keumshil loans Cheongja money in hopes of getting Jango and Heera together.

Jango rescues Heera from danger and is surprised when he sees who it is. Mipoong moves into Jango's house. Keumshil misunderstands the nature of Jango and Mipoong's relationship.

Jangsoo runs into Juri's husband. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Keumshil wants Youngae's family to move out from her house. Mipoong sees Jango and Heera together, but tries not to let it get to her. Heera discovers Jango's true feelings. She ends up getting hospitalized with Jangsoo. Jango can't help but be drawn to Mipoong.

Episodes 4 & 5


Sunday, 6:30p.m.: Keumshil, in an effort to hook up Jango and Heera, asks Cheongja to bring Heera to a meeting. To her surprise, at the meeting place, an altercation between Heera and Jango happens at the parking lot. Seunghee does a background check on Jango, and Jango also ponders the idea that Seunghee might be Mipoong. 

Sunday, 7:45p.m.: Jango goes to Mipoong's warehouse room to pay respects to Youngae. There, he finds out about Daehan's and Youngchul's deaths. Cheongja asks Keumshil for an additional loan of 10 grand. Keumshil asks Cheongja to get Jango and Heera together. Jango takes Mipoong to his house, telling her there is a house to rent without the security deposit.

Episodes 2 & 3


Sunday, 6:30p.m.: Cheongja and Jango’s families bask in happy events. Cheongja's family is to inherit billions of dollars. Jango passes the bar and opens his law practice. Meanwhile, Mipoong faces seemingly insurmountable hardship, making her fear the future. 

Sunday, 7:45p.m.: Cheongja takes care of Deokcheon like her own father-in-law. Mipoong undergoes everything to assimilate to her new life. But still, reality is rather harsh to overcome. She's forced to seek an attorney.

Episode 1


Sunday, 7:45p.m.: Love, betrayal, and loyalty ensue. The intertwined story of three families, begin with a fated meeting between Jango and Mipoong as children studying abroad. Mi-poong's family's survival in South Korea begins.

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