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Episodes 5& 6


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Pregnant with Boo Cheon's child, Seo Won shows up before Boo Cheon and gives him their baby's ultrasound photo. Pil Joo gives an ultimatum to Boo Cheon to choose between Seo Won or Cheong A. Mal Ran realizes the real heir to Cheong A, Eun Cheon, is alive and searches for him. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Chairman Jang finds out Pil Joo has been buying up Cheong A stocks and Eun Cheon is furious. Pil Joo is ousted from Cheong A. Boo Cheon begs his uncle to bring Pil Joo back. Driver Oh is in hot pursuit over Eun Cheon's whereabouts. Pil Joo and Mo Hyun run into each other taking photos of birds.

Episodes 3 & 4


Friday, 7:45p.m.: A plan goes underway to get Boo Cheon and Mo Hyun together. Their relationship gets on the fast track. Pil Joo schemes to make sure Mo Hyun believes it's fated love. Boo Cheon, caught off-guard, introduces himself as Pil Joo. Mo Hyun starts to falls for Boo Cheon, who puts up a front as a person with an unhappy past. Pil Joo introduces himself to Mo Hyun as Kang Uchan but to his surprise, Mo Hyun calls him Pil Joo. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Mo Hyun and Boo Cheon start to genuinely fall for each other. Mo Hyun receives photos from an anonymous package with info on Pil Joo, Boo Cheon's real identity, and Cheong A. Pil Joo gathers info on Cheong A and Chairman Jang. Pil Joo can't help but feel drawn to Mo Hyun. The Chairman's ruthless ways continue.

Episodes 1 & 2


Friday, 7:45p.m.: A fated relationship between Pil Joo and Boo Cheon begins. Korea's leading chaebol group Cheong A's counsel and fixer Pil Joo! Pil Joo works on a meticulous plan to get the incapable heir apparent Boo Cheon on the throne at Cheong A. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: The person you marry can't be just any woman. Boo Cheon and Mo Hyun meet at the nature conservation outing. Pil Joo moves alongside Boo Cheon, monitoring and telling him what to do. Mo Hyun is impressed with Boo Cheon on her first meeting with him. Boo Cheon makes quite an impression on Mo Hyun.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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