|  현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

Wed. & Thur. 7:45PM / Re-airs Thur. & Fri. 2:15PM

Starring: Yoon Si-Yoon, Yoon Si-Yoon, Lee Yoo-Young, Park Byung-Eun, Nara

Han Soo-Ho and Han Kang-Ho were born as identical twins, but they live totally different lives.

Han Soo-Ho works as a judge and he is guided by principles.

Han Kang-Ho's extensive criminal record contains 5 different arrests.

One day, Han Soo-Ho suddenly disappears. Han Kang-Ho secretly takes his brother's place as a judge.

Han Kang-Ho, who was once considered trash, becomes "Dear Judge" and highly respected.


현재 방송중인 드라마입니다.

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