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Episodes 25 & 26; 27 & 28 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Kyeong Seon seeks out Father Kim, who has been in the midst of probing into the Rising Moon case. The church team's investigation starts with the help of Kyeong Seon, the unpredictable prosecutor. Father Kim finds the link between the Rising Moon case and Father Lee’s case. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Dae Young and Attorney Byun present Father Kim an unexpected tool to carry out their task. The Tsunami team members dress up as international criminals. A cat and mouse game commences between team Tsunami and Bad Birds.

Episodes 21 & 22; 23 & 24 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Father Kim sports a woman's outfit as a disguise, to investigate Father Lee's case with Dae Young. Father Kim comes across a piece of intel saying someone is destined to die that night, turning him into a hero who's sets out to protect the city of Gudam. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Who is the mysterious man Father Kim is faced against? Seeing him brings back horrid memory that he tried so hard to erase. On the other hand, Dae Young gets beaten to a pulp by Seung Ah and sets out to find Cheol Bum and his gang.

Episodes 17 & 18; 19 & 20 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Dae Young encounters the CEO of Wangmat Foods bribing a health inspector. Cheol Bum threatens Dae Young about his stolen ledger. Kyeong Seon becomes the prosecutor in charge of Father Kim and Dae Young’s case, much to their dismay. Cheol Bum and his men ambush Father Kim. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Father Kim makes it out alive, but with fractured ribs and multiple stitches. Chief of Borough, Jeong Dong Ja, surrenders her materials on Congressman Park and Chief Prosecutor Nam. Dong Ja officially steps down from her position.

Episodes 13 & 14; 15 & 16 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: Father Hae Il and Detective Koo confront the Maegakyo. The children at the welfare center begin to get sick after being served food from the welfare center’s new food company. Dae Young reluctantly mentions that the CEO of the food company is the nephew of the Maegakyo’s leader. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Superintendent Nam demotes Kyeong Seon from her position and sends her back to her hometown, in hopes that she will turn a blind eye from the corruption. Father Hae Il finds a key witness to take down the contaminated food company. Dae Young comes to realize how much power Mr. Hwang has on the police department.

Episodes 9 & 10; 11& 12 (Sun)  


Today, 6:45p.m.: The joint investigation begins, but there's no progress with unamused Dae Young at one end, and enraged Father Hae Il at the other. Kyeong Seon moves one step ahead, doctoring evidence to hinder the investigation. Seung Ah gets close to key lead. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Speculation about the Maegakyo Group’s possibility of selling the welfare facility engulfs Gudam Church. The anniversary of the death of Dae Young’s old partner brings back painful memories. Father Hae Il and Dae Young charge into the Maegakyo’s headquarters. On the other hand, Kyung Seon probes Seung Ah to reveal how she discovered the witness.

Episodes 5 & 6; 7 & 8 (Sun)  



Today, 6:45p.m.: Father Hae Il gets enraged at the rumor behind Father Lee's demise. He asks the Gudam police officers for a reinvestigation of the case by, but gets rejected. Prosecutor Park asks Father Hae Il to stay out of the Father Lee case, which pushes him to take matters into his own hands. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Father Hae Il becomes suspicious of Hwang Cheol Bum, with belief that he is the evil scheming behind Father Lee's death. Superintendent Nam orders Detective Koo to work with Father Hae Il on Father's Lee's case.

Episodes 1 & 2; 3 & 4 (Sun)  



Today, 6:45p.m.: Righteous, but hot-tempered Father Kim Hae Il causes trouble in Yeosu and is sent to Seoul's Gudam church. He runs into greedy and power-hungry prosecutor, Park Kyeong Seon and the naive detective, Koo Dae Young. They are characters that would not leave Father Kim Hae Il in peace. Will he survive in the new church? 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Father Hae Il starts his life at Gudam Church with guidance of Father Lee Young Jun. He witnesses Hwang Cheol Bum and his thugs threatening Father Lee and his church members. Father Hae Il blames Detective Koo for not doing his job.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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