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Episodes 9 & 10


Today, 6:30p.m.: Gildong's fight against his father's foes is set into motion. Ga-ryong infiltrates Lord Huh's house as a servant. Gildong's men and Heo Taehak's men face off in a duel. Gong-hwa earnestly tries to win the King's heart. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Gildong disguises himself as a carrier and approaches Prince Chungwon. The King's wish to hold an ancestral ritual is faced with opposition from lords and scholars. The King feels dispirited when Gong Hwa puts on an impressive dance performance.

Episodes 7 & 8


Today, 6:30p.m.: While trying to save his sister, Gildong gets hurt and loses his memory. Gildong stays at Danae-ok and becomes close with Noksu, and open their hearts to each other. Yonsan makes a shocking confession to King Sung-jong on his deathbed.

Today, 7:45p.m.: Gildong sets out to find his sister. Gong-hwa follows her ambition to the palace, where the King is. Gildong only finds Ga-ryong waiting for him at Daeaeok. As Gildong regains his memory, he assembles his father's men to go up against Prince Chungwon.

Episodes 5 & 6


Today, 6:30p.m.: 12 years have passed, and Gildong roams the Korean peninsula selling women's goods. Meanwhile, Amogae has risen as a man with power in Ikhwari. Amogae faces off with Heo Taehak, a slave trader. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Amogae is framed for a murder and imprisoned. Prince Chungwon discovers Amogae's past as a slave. Gildong is pursued by Heo Taehak's men.

Episodes 3 & 4


Today, 6:30p.m.: Outraged at Geum-ok's death, Amogae kills Lord Cho and is imprisoned. Gildong and Gilhyun try to find witnesses who will testify for Amogae. Gildong is sent on an errand by Lady Cho and heads for a mountain, where tigers are known to appear. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Upon being released from prison, Amogae settles at Ikhwari and starts illegal smuggling business with Ming. He runs into pirates in sea and calls on Um Jachi to Ikhwari.

Episodes 1 & 2


Today, 6:30p.m.: Amogae realizes his son, Gildong, is the legendary child of super strength. To hide his son's strength, he moves out from his master's residence. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Amogae schemes with government official Uhm to get his ordinary citizenship, buying freedom. Amogae's master Lord Cho, calls on his uncle to take his hidden assets.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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