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Episodes 5 & 6; 7 & 8(Sun)   


Today, 6:45p.m.: Baek Ga proposes a deal with Lady Song that may benefit the both of them. In order to place Yi Hyun in a higher position, Baek Ga bribes Hwang Seok Ju, but he refuses to give in to Baek Ga’s intimidation method. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: Lady Myung Sim worries about Yi Hyun’s health condition that is worsening day by day. Hwang Seok Ju instructs Hong Ga to recruit Yi Hyun onto his side.

Episodes 1 & 2; 3 & 4 (Sun)   


Today, 6:45p.m.: Set during the Donghak Peasant Revolution. Jeon Bong Jun collects the townspeople and announces the beginning of a spectacular uprising against the government. Baek Yi Hyun cries as he apologizes to his half-brother, Baek Yi Kang, for complicating his life. The government announces a banggongnyeong; a ban against taking rice out of the province. The ban creates chaos amongst the people. 

Today, 7:45p.m.: After being recovered enough to regain his spirit, Baek Ga returns to the Gobu province with clear eyes filled with vengeance. Yi Kang suspects Lady Song Ja In of being the cause of a fire incident. Yi Kang secretly returns the money that had been stolen from the people.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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