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Episodes 25 & 26 (Wed); 27 & 28 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Jung-joo questions Myung-hee on why she's kept the evidence until now. Do Jin-myung says he doesn’t remember. Ui-hyun tells Myung-hee the case will forever be remembered as the most painful one. Jung-joo gets fearful of the results as the case evolves. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: As the case comes closer to its end, a horrid truth surfaces. This puts Jung-joo in total confusion and shock. Ui-hyun and Han-joon stay by her side. Han-joon can't believe the evidence that emerges. As "the person who holds the truth" takes the stand, will the real truth be revealed?

Episodes 21 & 22 (Wed); 23 & 24 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Jung-joo pushes forward with proving her brother's innocence. She faces Do Jin-myung in court. Myung-hee tells her husband she can only redeem herself by proving Kyung-ho's innocence. Jung-joo warns Han-joon to keep away from the case again, but he refuses. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: Do Jin-myung's domestic abuse makes the papers. Han-joon is upset at seeing Jung-joo and Ui-hyun working so well together. Myung-hee tells Han-joon there's more to what he sees, that will soon be revealed. Myung-hee is called to court.

Episodes 17 & 18 (Wed); 19 & 20 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Jung-joo tells Ui-hyun she's reassured to have him by her side, making him smile. Myung-hee tells Jung-joo she wants to be responsible for her own mistake. Jung-joo can't help but feel closer to Ui-hyun. Han-joon clenches his fist in fury at seeing his father wield his power.  

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: Everything points to Jin-myung as culprit. Do-hyun tells Jung-joo and Ui-hyun that the two cases are the same culprit. Myung-hee reminds her husband of the weight of keeping a secret. Jung-joo pledges to find the truth proving her brother's innocence, gathering evidence.

Episode 13 & 14 (Wed); 15 & 16 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Jung-joo and Ui-hyun get closer to the truth, and so do their feelings for each other. The truth they are after could lead them, but comes with potential danger to Jung-joo. Myung-hee tells Jung-joo she'd rather have judged wrong, than have it be anyone else’s fault.

Misunderstanding is resolved with new evidence. The father of the rape victim from 10 years ago shows up. He holds the key to the case. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: Jung-joo and Ui-hyun get really close from working together. Together, they gather evidence, getting one step closer to Jang Soon-bok's case. The breakthrough comes when the victim's father takes the witness stand.

Episodes 9 & 10 (Wed); 11 & 12 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: All evidence points to Han-joon. Jung-joo says all the evidence is too coincidental. Ui-hyun sees the case logically, that a murder case will ruin someone's life. Jung-joo apologizes to her brother, saying she never doubted that he was the murderer. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: Due to an unexpected turn of events, an accident happens that involves Jung-joo's brother. She pledges to prove his innocence and get to the bottom of the truth. Ui-hyun and Dong-ha face off in court over Kim Joo-hyung's manslaughter case.

Episodes 5 & 6 (Wed); 7 & 8 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: Kyung-ho, a model inmate, blows up when an inmate blurts he’d harass the judge, who’s his sister. Kyung-ho and Jung-joo hold their mom's memorial service in two different places. Judge Sa reviews Kyung-ho's case for a retrial. Kyung-ho and Jung-joo face each other in court, as a judge and defendant. Kyung-ho describes the real culprit and looks toward Dong-ha, who maintains composure. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: The truth from 10 years ago is about to surface. Jung-joo and Han-joon are faced with the truth that can't be ignored. What stance would they take?


Episodes 1 & 2 (Wed); 3 & 4 (Thur)


Wednesday, 7:45p.m.: This drama probes into the court and those who work in the system. Watch the prosecutors' competitive lives, conflicts, ambitions and disappointments. A story of workers labelled outsiders, who will triumph against all odds. 

Thursday, 7:45p.m.: Prosecutor Lee is held hostage by a suspect, with a knife at her throat. Prosecutor Sa tells her to disrobe her official attire. There seems to be no good way out of the hostage situation. Prosecutor Lee becomes the talk of the court system.

Drama Preview

이번주 드라마 요약본입니다

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