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Episode 2

7:45 p.m. Thursday

Against his better judgment, Dae-hyun hires Saet-byul, but his skepticism of her still lingers. However, Saet-byul shows that she is a model employee. Meanwhile, a minor is caught purchasing cigarettes in Dae-hyun’s store. He faces a possible suspension of his store.

Episode 1

7:45 p.m. Wednesday

Four years ago, Choi Dae-hyun runs into a group of high school students that look like troublemakers and gets pressured into doing them a favor. One student named Jung Saet-byul asks for his number, but never calls. Fast-forward to the present day, Dae-hyun now owns a small convenience store where Saet-byul, now a college student, applies for a job. Fortunately, Saet-byul is no longer a troublemaker.

Drama Preview

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