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I'm a cable subscriber but my picture quality is less than perfect.

Some of our viewers might experience ghosting problems or snows. Please contact your cable company for free repair.
Oceanic Cable: 625-8200

Can we buy programs shown on KBFD-TV including subtitled dramas?

Select titles are available for sale on DVD with English Subtitles. Click here to view available titles

or call 521-8066 for more details.

Does KBFD-TV produce any commericals?

KBFD-TV production team meets all your advertising needs and have inexpensive package rates available.

Call (808) 521-8067 for details.

We live on the neighbor islands. Is there any way we could watch Korean programs?

Yes, you can. Viewers on neighbor islands can now watch KBFD on Oceanic Digital Cable channel 82. 

Call 643-2337 for details.