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Episodes 81 & 82 (Fri); Episodes 83 & 84 (Sat)

Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Young Ha successfully launch their meal box business. Tae Il gets furious when Soo Hee willingly accepts Bum Joon as he moves in. Yong is disappointed that Sun Young is not at all happy when he passed his certification exam. He drinks to release his steam and ends up visiting Kyung Ha. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Seo Hee shows Young Ha how she feels for Tae Il. Yong and Kyung Ha realize again that they still have feelings for each other and seek Hyun Sook's permission. Tae Il takes out his fury for Gwang Jae at Young Ha. She gets fearful at Tae Il's extreme demeanor.

Episodes 77 & 78 (Fri); Episodes 79 & 80 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Young Ha fight over her visiting Tae Il at the hospital. Tae Il assumes Seo Hee saw the note. Tae Il suffers from side effects toward the end of his recovery. Everyone heads for camping trip to celebrate Yong's exam final. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Kyung Ha follows her plan to leave for her travel. Gwang Jae and Young Ha embark on their boxed lunch business. Tae Il's dishonest nature toward Seo Hee leaves a scar. An unexpected opportunity presents itself to Gwang Jae.

Episodes 73 & 74 (Fri); Episodes 75 & 76 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Young Ha somewhat settles into their new business. Tae Il loses consciousness after all the overwhelming emotional pain and stress he feels. Hyo Dong sneaks into Soo Hee's home to find Gye Dong's recipe book. Young Ha is heavy-hearted over Tae Il's health condition. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Hyo Dong raids Tae Il's office while he's in the hospital, to find the recipe book and gets caught by Seo Hee. Young Ha nurses Tae Il at the hospital and he asks her if she'll be coming back the next day. Gwang Jae finds out Young Ha went to care for Tae Il. While on an errand to Tae Il's house, Seo Hee finds something important.

Episodes 69-70 & 71-72

7:45 p.m., Friday : Young Ha and Gwang Jae realize their food truck business is no easy task. Mong Mong falls ill and Myung Ha blames his mother. The relationship between Tae Il, Bum Joon and Soo Hee is distant as ever. Against Tae Il’s pleading, Soo Hee seeks out Gwang Jae.

7:45 p.m., Saturday : Soo Hee visits Gwang Jae in hopes of persuading him. Fearful of Won Yong, Mong Mong wants to return to China. Hyun Sook struggles in efforts to cater to her daughter-in-law. Kyung Ha tells Yong her plans to travel.

Episodes 65-66 & Episodes 67-68

7:45 p.m., Friday: It gets increasingly difficult for Seo Hee, as her feelings for Tae Il grow. Yong’s feelings for Kyung Ha keeps him in agony. Bum Joon confronts Tae Il with the truth. Gwang Jae and Young Ha start a new business.

7:45 p.m., Saturday: Tae Il’s response to Bum Joon is a hostile one. Hyun Sook loses face with her sister-in-law because of Myung Ha’s disrespectful attitude and behavior. Tae Il realizes the real reason Seo Hee has been acting strange. Yong decides he’s ready to get married.

Episodes 61 & 62 (Fri); Episodes 63 & 64 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae gets a new part-time job. Myung Ha and Mong Mong finally get permission to get married. Gwang Jae and Young Ha start a new business. Won Yong looks around in hopes to find someone at Myung Ha's wedding. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Bum Joon finds out that Tae Il is his son. Bok Soon wants Yong to marry Sun Young. Young Ha is upset at seeing Tae Il change. While working as a designated driver, Gwang Jae gets a fare that turns out to be his high school friend. Their treatment of him makes him realize how he’s been perceived by others.

Episodes 57 & 58 (Fri); Episodes 59 & 60 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Mong Mong's father comes to take Mong Mong home. He tells Won Yong that he has no intention of having his daughter marry a non-Chinese person. Myung Ha and Mong Mong are faced with Hyun Sook's disapproval. Tae Il takes on the top position at Sung Won. A mysterious package arrives. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae moves in to Soon Ok's house. He and Young Ha plan a new business together. Mr. Nam gives Tae Il a piece of paper. Gwang Jae starts his own business and learns it is not easy. Hyun Sook, enraged at how things have turned out, packs up and leaves. Her children go looking for her. Myung Ha explains his feelings, appeasing her anger.

Episodes 53 & 54 (Fri); Episodes 55 & 56 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Hyo Dong runs into the loan sharks and they start to follow him. Gwang Jae works diligently in manual labor to pay off the debt. Hyun Sook and the family find out Myung Ha has been seeing Mong Mong. Hyun Sook is devastated by all that's been happening at the house. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Myung Ha is dragged home. He tells the family how he feels about Mong Mong. Hyun Sook discovers Mong Mong, passed out at the rooftop house. Gwang Jae starts paying back his father's debt. A Chinese man comes looking for Myung Ha at Gwang Jae's construction site.

Episodes 49 & 50 (Fri); Episodes 51 & 52 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Kyung Ha's wedding gets cancelled and the family is shocked beyond belief. Hyun Sook finds out about the agreement made on Kyung Ha's marriage. Yong Ha finds out Soo Hee is Tae Il's birth mother. Soon Ok confesses that Gwang Jae is staying at her place to Hyun Sook. Hyun Bin comes and begs to continue with the marriage. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae realizes the reason for Tae Il's hatred toward him. Hyun Sook has a preconception dream. Hyun Sook receives a photo of Myung Ha from a friend. Young Ha offers a partnership to Gwang Jae and asks her father for financial help.

Episodes 45& 46 (Fri); Episodes 47 & 48 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Tae Il have confrontation about giving up the inheritance. Gwang Jae is devastated knowing Young Ha witnessed his downfall. Myung Ha avoids Mong Mong and it eventually creates a fight. Yong seeks Won Yong's help for Gwang Jae. Gwang Jae seeks out all the creditors to apologize. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m: Tae Il is all alone trying to revive the business. Soo Hee and Tae Il can’t see eye to eye on things. Gwang Jae starts working at a construction site with the help of Won Yong and Yong. The night before Kyung Ha's wedding, both her and Yong don’t sleep a wink. Yong goes on a trip. Hyun Bin sees Ji Seon looking from afar during the wedding. Someone screams at the festive wedding venue.

Episodes 41& 42 (Fri); Episodes 43 & 44 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Bok Soon gets ready to move out. Soon Ok is upset seeing her packing and shows her discontent at Won Yong. Won Yong ends up telling Yong to stay. Gwang Jae's car gets confiscated and ends up on the streets. Soo Hee finds out about Gwang Jae's predicament and heads over to Tae Il, only to end up hearing something shocking. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Soo Hee is engulfed in shock after finding out Tae Il is her son. Kyung Ha sees Hyun Bin and his girlfriend together. She still continues to plan the wedding. Won Yong and Hyun Sook are disappointed at Hyun Bin's wedding gift to Kyung Ha. Gwang Jae starts working as part time at a bar.

Episodes 37 & 38 (Fri); Episodes 39 & 40 (Sat)



Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae announces that he will inherit his father's debt. The family abandons Gye Dong's legacy, but Gwang Jae doesn't give up. He leaves home. Now that he's on his own, Gwang Jae feels the harshness of reality. Kyung Ha and Attorney Park's wedding plan progresses smoothly. Bok Soon finds out about Kyung Ha and Yong. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Bok Soon decides to move out after finding out the truth. Soon Ok is disappointed with her daughters-in-law. Gwang Jae experiences homeless life. He goes home to pick up his belongings and sees Soo Hee and Bum Joon. He meets Hyo Dong and finds out about the past.

Episodes 33 & 34 (Fri); Episodes 35& 36 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Jong Yong finds Yong's sketchbook and gets suspicious about Yong and Kyung Ha's relationship. Bum Joon goes to see Soo Hee and Tae Il sees them together. He gets an unexplained feeling. Gye Dong's death puts Gwang Jae in confusion. He finally gets his head straight and comes back home, but feels betrayed by Soo Hee and Tae Il. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Kyung Ha decides to marry Attorney Park. Hyun Sook finds out about Kyung Ha and Yong. She promises to open up a business for Jong Yong to keep this secret. Gwang Jae decides to give up his inheritance and go abroad. He says goodbye to Soo Hee and asks Tae Il to look after her. But in the taxi ride to the airport, he hears the news on Gami and goes back around.

Episodes 29 & 30 (Fri); Episodes 31 & 32 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gye Dong falls and tries to call Gwang Jae, but he doesn’t pick up. Myung Ha can't concentrate as the thought of Mong Mong keeps him preoccupied. Just then, he gets a text message. Gwang Jae runs over at the news of his father. Tae Il is at a loss for words at finding out Gwang Jae was the last person Gye Dong tried to call. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Hyun Sook is worried that Gwang Jae's family will go bankrupt and tries to separate Young Ha from Gwang Jae. Creditors show up at Gwang Jae's house. Myung Ha and Mong Mong get even closer. Kyung Ha sees Yong meeting a girl and gets jealous.

Episodes 25 & 26 (Fri); Episodes 27 & 28 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gye Dong decides to forsake the investment, saving the main branch, to start over. Chairman Nam has a different plan in motion. Hyun Bin gets into an accident while dropping off Kyung Ha at home, coincidentally in front of Yong's shop. Gye Dong visits Young Ha's house drunk one night. While talking about the past, they discover Gwang Jae and Young Ha were born at the same hospital on the same day. Gye Dong breaks down sobbing, realizing Young Ha's grandma is the one who gave him the baby blanket. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Soo Hee stay by Gye Dong's side at the hospital. Hyo Dong is chased by the loan shark, and ends up doing something beyond reproach. Soo Hee and Bum Joon run into each other at the hospital, making Soo Hee anxious. Knowing the situation is headed for doom, Chairman Nam tries to protect Soo Hee by having her leave. Gye Dong sees them talking and senses something is amiss.

Episodes 21 & 22 (Fri); Episodes 23 & 24 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Young Ha feels she's somehow led Tae Il on. Her guilt stops her from calling Gwang Jae. Kyung Ha continues dating Hyun Bin for what he has to offer. But she can't get over Yong. Suh Hee finds out about Kyung Ha and Yong. She decides it’s best to tell Tae Il about her feelings as soon as possible. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Mong Mong gets thrown out of the dormitory. Mong Mong and Myung Ha go rooftop house hunting. Seeing how happy Bok Soon is working at the snack shop, Yong hands over his savings to her. Bok Soon feels both grateful and sorry.

Episodes 17 & 18 (Fri); Episodes 19 & 20 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Soo Hee is devastated after finding out the loan taken out by Gye Dong can never be repaid. Kyung Ha and Attorney Park continue seeing each other. With each meeting, they realize they have many things in common. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Gye Dong gives Soo Hee a signed divorce paper. He pledges to protect Gwang Jae and Soo Hee. Gye Dong learns Young Ha is the one Tae Il has in his heart. Tae Il is torn between his love for Young Ha and his loyalty to Gye Dong. Tae Il ends up professing his love for Young Ha.

Episodes 13 & 14 (Fri); Episodes 15 & 16 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae visits bearing gifts for Young Ha's grandmother to get her help, but ends up being kicked out by Young Ha's father. Young Ha confides in her father why she fell for Gwang Jae. A call makes Chairman Nam pale. He rushes over and tells Soo Hee to submit her divorce papers. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Soo Hee gets anxious at remembering what happened in the past. Not knowing what is going through her mind, Gye Dong is upset at her indifference to Gwang Jae's affairs. Kyung Ha caves in after insistent urging and meets Attorney Park. Gye Dong accompanies Gwang Jae and visits Young Ha's family.

Episode 5 (Fri); Episode 6 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Soo Hee go shopping at the department store. There, Gwang Jae hears people talking about Soo Hee's past. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Young Ha reminisces the good times she and Gwang Jae had. Kyung Ha is conflicted between reality and love. Young Ha and Kyung Ha duke it out over a trivial matter.

Episode 3 (Fri); Episode 4 (Sat)


Friday, 7:45p.m.: Young Ha rushes over to the hospital at the news of her grandma's accident. She punches the guy who's responsible and is surprised at the man who looks up at her. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Soo Hee is unhappy that Chairman Nam wants to expand her husband's business. On top of that, her husband listens keenly to Chairman Nam. She tells her husband that he can expand his business after they divorce.

Episodes 1 & 2 (Fri): Episode 3 & 4 (Sat)

Friday, 7:45p.m.: Gwang Jae and Young Ha broke up and went separate ways after a big fight. Two years later, Gwang Jae shows up with his new girlfriend at the restaurant Young Ha works at. 

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Gye Dong and Won Yong meet at an alumni meeting after a long while. Won Yong returns home smiling at the news of his friend making it big in the food industry. But he sees something that makes him do a double take, bringing him to his knees.

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